2023: The foundation plans to build the first module of the eyes clinic Que Tu Voies (May You See) in Vogan, Togo. Hence, it is planned to increase the annual medical missions in Vogan, Togo.

2022: The Foundation needs a sum of approximately CHF 1 million for the planned construction of the eye clinic in Vogan, Togo.

2020: Until the Pandemic the foundation has opened an eye departement in the hospital of Vogan, Togo. The department is open throughout the year, hence, people who desperately need a cataract operation are been given a treatment. Up to two times a year the foundation sends a medical staff to Vogan, Togo, in order to do cost-free catarac operations for the poorest. For this reason costs up to 300'000 CHF per year are needed.

2014: The foundation opens its doors with the requested minimum amount of 50'000 CHF.