A Warm Welcome

We are planning to provide humanitarian aid by means of eye operations in Togo over the next several years. Togo is among the poorest nations in the world.


Eye cataracts are a major issue there, and occur in all age groups. They respond well to surgery. Irrespective of gender, race, skin colour, language, religion, political ideology, national or social origins and ethnicity.


We are personally dedicated to strongly improving the local life situation.


Through personal contact with Father Théo in Togo, we have decided to provide help in Africa with an experienced surgery team.


Togo is among the poorest nations in the world (see also Togo Facts 2014 at Press § Information). Eye surgery can bring much needed relief to the poverty-stricken indigenous population. Eye surgery (cataracts) costs about CHF 50 per person.


Dr. Junghardt has gained experience working in developing countries, particularly in India (Gujarat) and Mexico (Acapulco).

With your valuable help, we wish to bring humanitarian aid to the population in Togo over the next ten years.
Charity concert
in Baden City church at Oktober 26 2014 at 02.30 pm for Togo opening eyes.
First humanitarian operation
in Togo 25. July - 8. August 2014.
Trust established on 21 March 2014
Following the on-site evaluation in Togo in December 2013, we concluded that we would be able to undertake the project "Togo opening eyes" to help the population.

We are pleased to announce that the trust was established on
21 March 2014.
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